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we are the largest independent transfer specialist


We’re the experts in UK pension transfers

We are at the forefront of the QROPS industry and New Zealand QROPS pension transfers.  We have been transferring UK pensions to New Zealand for over 16 years having conducted thousands of pension transfers worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

We have watched the evolution of international pension mobility through cross border pension treaties, the development of the QROPS regime in the United Kingdom, the introduction of KiwiSaver, and a raft of tax changes for superannuation around the world. At all times we have provided feedback on changes and been instrumental in helping our clients maximise their pension assets.

We have worked with thousands of British expats or people that have lived and worked in the UK and accrued pensions to help them decide whether a transfer is a good option for them, and then if it is help them transfer their pensions to New Zealand. We have equally provided advice to people to leave their pension in the United Kingdom, such as where they could not afford the tax bill on a pension transfer, or their UK pension had valuable benefits that would be given up on transfer, or they intended to return to the UK.

What we do

We believe that each client has a different set of circumstances and that their pension transfer decision can only be reached by addressing the following key points:

  • We fully review your UK pension entitlements
  • Review the financial impact of the transfer
  • Help recommend a receiving QROPS after full due diligence
  • Assist with investment recommendations for you
  • Facilitate the pension transfer

We are based in New Zealand and the UK with our advisers in New Zealand and a team of professionals in Manchester, England, dedicated to chasing UK pension providers for forms, updates and payments.  We have contacts in over 2,000 UK pension funds and get things done faster as we know the questions to ask and will not accept excuses from the UK providers.

We’re fully independent

We are not tied to one NZ QROPS for doing our transfers. This is important as it allows us to cover the market. However, because of the volume of transfers that we conduct we can get better deals for our clients when it comes to negotiating with the New Zealand superannuation schemes. The benefits of using QROPS New Zealand can include waiver of entry and exit fees, purchasing power discounts on fund management fees, and the knowledge that you get after transfer service including regular updates on issues effecting you and your previously transferred funds.

We have transferred to over ten different QROPS in New Zealand including, PIE schemes, zero-rate PIE schemes and wrap platform schemes. We are completely adept navigating the waters of QROPS and ensuring that you end up with the best outcome.

Charter Square is a registered New Zealand financial services provider. Charter Square is extremely diligent in ensuring that both it and UK and NZ pension providers are fully compliant, thereby minimising unnecessary exposure for it’s clients. This diligence is supported by Charter Square Services registration as a financial services provider – registration number FSP118265

Charter Square Services belongs to the Financial Disputes Resolution programme that provides peace of mind protection to it’s clients