About Us

Charter Square has been specialising in international pension transfers since 2000, and has seen the evolution of international pension mobility through cross border pension treaties, the development of the QROPS regime in the United Kingdom, the introduction of KiwiSaver, and a raft of tax changes for superannuation around the world.


Charter Square has recognised in that time that both pension fund providers and financial advisors are often unsure on how to advise their clients/members on whether a pension transfer is appropriate and if so how to either receive transfers or make transfers for clients.  This has been where Charter Square has successfully established its services.  Assisting both financial advisors and pension schemes to facilitate pension transfers.


cslogo  A truly international perspective

Originally formed as a client facing pension transfer execution business, Charter Square and its staff have had direct experience in dealing with the pressures of transferring client pensions.  In 2009 the business found that it’s wholesale pension transfer operations (supporting financial advisers) were increasingly becoming the main element of the business and exited direct client business.  Since then Charter Square have successfully transferred thousands of pensions internationally from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Singapore and further afield.


Charter Square have established strong relationships with financial advisers, clients and pension providers throughout the world.  This unique international perspective coupled with no direct front end advisory business allows Charter Square Services to deliver to financial advisors that wish to help clients transfer their pensions but do not know how to (find out more).  Charter Square helps pension providers that wish to accept pension transfers but do not have the skills necessary to get the pension transfers and then manage the subsequent paperwork (find out more).



cslogo  Charter Square is a thought leader in international pension transfers

As a thought leader in the area of international pension transfers Charter Square identifies issues early, communicating them and engaging with financial advisors and pension providers on these issues to help their clients and members.  The advantage of this thought leadership is that partners of Charter Square can save their clients and members tax, get access to better growth opportunities and increase returns, while minimising the downside of legislative changes.


Charter Square exists to support both pension funds and financial advisors a small sample of support materials that can be found for distribution to clients can be found in our info centre.


Charter Square backs the thought leadership with cutting edge CRM technology that has been heavily invested in to allow everyone to see exactly where pension transfers are at in the process and what the outstanding requirements are.  This ensures that no advisor, member or scheme is ever in dark on transfers.



cslogo  There are hundreds of millions of reasons for using Charter Square

Ultimately it is about success and Charter Square helps facilitate nearly 2,500 transfers a year from hundreds of different global fund providers representing hundreds of millions of New Zealand dollars in pension transfers – giving an unparalleled depth of pension transfer experience.  When added to our deep understanding of regulatory issues, world-class systems and reporting and ultimate customer focus you end up with a partner that you can trust.



cslogo  Charter Square is a registered financial services provider

Charter Square is extremely diligent in ensuring that both it and the pension providers are fully compliant, thereby minimising unnecessary exposure for partners.  This diligence is shown through: