Legislation, regulations and pension provider rules are in a constant state of flux often creating an indecipherable environment.  The impact of a small changes in regulations in one country can have a massive knock-on effect in another country, take for example the regulatory changes in QROPS in 2012 and the effect on Guernsey QROPS.  Charter Square provides insightful analysis of the major issues facing QROPS today from a macro-regulatory level down to a micro- individual pension transfer level.


cslogo  Guides

Read through our guides covering topics from defined benefits pensions through to taxation on pension transfers.  These guides are written in plain English and designed to highlight important issues in the pension transfer process… go to the guides


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Charter Square makes submissions on important legislative proposals that relate to pensions and pension transfers.  Charter Square believes in ensuring that all it’s responses are open (unless it is a private committee submission) and is therefore happy to publish them… read the submissions


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Here we outline all the relevant legislation around pension/superannuation transfers including Charter Square analysis of the relevant legislation for those that cannot wade through the full text of legislation… read the legislation





The New Zealand Government is currently in the process of passing a bill that will have a significant impact on taxation of overseas pension transfers to New Zealand.  This legislation effects people who have transferred their funds in the past as well as those that will transfer in the future… find out more

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