Below are a selection of guides that are available for financial advisors, superannuation schemes, and potential superannuation scheme members to use.


 CS_qrops 10 compelling reasons to use a New Zealand QROPS 

Here we outline the reasons that New Zealand QROPS are best in breed, from post-tax investment returns through to the full established and stable regulatory environment that they operate under… download here for more…  CS_QROPS



 CS_elephant The fallacy of keeping your funds in a sterling bank account 

Many people have transferred their UK retirement savings into NZ schemes that operate GBP bank accounts, having been sold the benefits of exchange rate protection, here we get under the bonnet of this strategy pointing out the pro’s and significant con’s… this is a must read for advisors with clients in this position…download here for more… CS_UK BANK ACCOUNTS



 CS_defined-benefit Whether to transfer a defined benefit scheme or not  

A lot has been written about defined benefit schemes and how one should not transfer them out of the UK.  However, we believe that all facets of a defined benefits scheme need to be considered when making a transfer, such as the current value, whether the scheme is fully funded, exchange rate issues and a myriad more.   In this paper we outline all the factors a potential transferee should consider prior to deciding on whether to transfer their pension… download here for more…  CS_DB SCHEMES



 CS_kiwisaver Transferring a UK pension to a KiwiSaver what you need to know  

KiwiSaver schemes have started to become very popular with New Zealanders in recent years and with special QROPS status they are increasingly a destination for UK pension transfers.  But are KiwiSaver schemes the right destination for a UK pension transfer.  Here we consider the pitfalls and pro’s of transferring a UK pension to a KiwiSaver scheme… download here for more… CS_KIWISAVER



 CS_calculator The taxing subject of tax on your investments in New Zealand 

A members tax on the growth in their fund will depend on a number of different considerations the three most important of which are, whether the member is considered tax resident in New Zealand, whether the scheme is a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) or not, and are the investments held onshore or offshore.  The decision over which superannuation scheme to transfer into might actually be determined by some of these factors so it is crucial that transferees understand the options… download here for more… CS_TAX TREATMENTS



 CS_trivial-pensions Trivial pensions – maybe they are not so trivial after all 

In the United Kingdom there is the concept of trivial pensions, under triviality the member may commute their pension and take it all as a lump sum if the value is less than a prescribed threshold.  The implications of this are discussed in this paper… download here for more… CS_TRIVIAL PENSIONS