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there’s no slam-dunk on pension transfers
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So often people contact us after they have transferred their pensions, or let them come into payment in the UK asking how we can help. In many instances there are people that have transferred who should not have, or people who should have transferred but because of inaction never did and now their pensions are stuck in the UK. There are a bewildering set of variables to determine what the right course of action including: tax, where you intend to end up living, what type of UK pension you have, what you want to achieve with your pension, to name but a few. Without understanding all of these and there interplay you can’t make the right decision. And the right decision is based on being informed.
The process on how we help you get to an informed decision is outlined below.

1#  Collecting the relevant information

You provide us with information on yourself that is going to be important for our assessment of your situation. Dates you were in the UK, details of your UK scheme, when you arrived in your country of residence, what your future intentions are and so much more.
Then we go away and collect a bucket load more information on your UK pensions from your pension providers. That’s right we do all the heavy lifting for you, contacting them through our dedicated UK team who continuously chase for the information we need.

2#  Analysing the information

We crunch all the information that we collected to determine whether the transfer value is right, what your tax liability might look like, what the financials of a pension transfer and a leave the pension in the UK look like.
This is the brains part of our analysis.

3#  Reporting on your options

The decision to transfer a UK pension is a big one and you need to fully understand the financial and tax implications. We provide a customised report that assesses:

  • The pro’s and con’s of a transfer
  • The tax implications of leaving the pension or transferring it to New Zealand
  • What happens if you have a future change of circumstances
  • The financial impact of transferring a pension to New Zealand
  • What valuable benefits your UK pension may contain


4#  Making an informed decision

If a transfer looks like the right thing to do – you then need to select the right New Zealand QROPS for your current and future needs. This is not a one size fits all scenario. We work with you to assess variables like your tax status, investment profile and whether you want to invest in sterling funds or kiwi dollar funds and future intentions to name but a few to determine the right scheme for you.
Our independent licensed NZ advisers then work with you to select the right NZ QROPS scheme and because we are not tied to any one scheme you won’t get shoehorned into a scheme that doesn’t fit – Instead, we help you select the right one for you!

5#  Transfer

With these important steps complete we start the transfer process – we complete all the necessary forms all you need to do is sign them. We will then make sure your UK funds get transferred to your chosen New Zealand QROPS. Transferring your UK pension to a New Zealand QROPS will be one of the more important financial decisions you make, right up there with buying a home or making other important investment decisions. Our processes ensure you’ve made this decision fully informed so you can rest assured you have done the right thing.
Your dedicated case manager on our UK team will work with your New Zealand based consultant to ensure your transfer to a New Zealand QROPS runs smoothly from start to finish.

but we don’t stop there we continuously assess

The final step in the QROPS transfer process is ongoing. Because the HMRC wants to know what is going on with your funds for 10 years after you transfer your UK pension to a QROPS, you need to know that the QROPS you are going into has longevity and is committed to reporting.