People around the world are discovering the benefits of moving their pensions allowing pension providers to compete for international fund flows.  Strong and dynamic funds have captured these international fund flows by using Charter Square.  We are transferring hundreds of millions in funds a year and by plugging your fund into our international network of advisors you can gain a piece of this growing market.


cslogo Make it easy for advisors to sell your fund

Often funds do not think about the process required to attract international investors into their pension fund – which is exactly what Charter Square do for you, we:

•   Package the benefits to be attractive to an international audience

•   Ensure that the process of applying to your fund is easily understood and a roadblock for new potential members

•   Ensure that the financial advisor network we have understands the unique selling points of your fund



cslogo Taking the administration hassle away

Because Charter Square have completed thousands of pension transfers we understand what to do when it comes to completing the transferring schemes reports.  We can either:

•   Send these transfer documents to you completed for signing, or

•   Sign on your behalf as a delegated sub-administrator of the your scheme (for pension transfers only)

•   We will also gather all the necessary evidence for your administration team to load new clients, including Proof of Identity and Evidence of Address


We can basically deliver to any of your administration requirements.


cslogo Technology enabled

Charter Square are supported by an excellent technology infrastructure which will allow you to:

•   See projected fund inflows at any point in time

•   Pre load clients into your system through interfaces with the Charter Square system

•   An electronic copy of all documents is retained on file providing a second form of secure back up


cslogo A track record of success

Over the years we have dealt with all the leading UK pension providers transferring hundreds of millions of dollars worth of pensions to with an almost 100% success rate.  We understand most provider requirements and in fact often circumvent delays by providing additional documentation and evidence before it is required from the transferring provider.  This means that when you deal with Charter Square your new members will get their pension transfers done quicker and more efficiently – saving time and effort for everyone involved.

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